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Rhifau Rhagorol / Big Maths

The school uses the Big Maths Online scheme. The strategies and calculations are the same as the pervious Big Maths scheme, however, there are a few changes, including pupils being able to complete their tests online, weekly.  


There are 3 weekly challenges:

uCLIC challenge – calculation skills (19 different levels)
uLearn its – timed activity (number facts that children need to learn and recall quickly)
uSAFE challenge – other aspects of mathematics - shapes, amounts, fractions and explaining data (20 different levels)


Here are some examples.



Big Maths Revision Packs – For Parents


This is where you’ll find the Big Maths Parent Packs for helping with teaching new skills and revising. The packs have been designed to offer some guidance and reassurance; they explain how to answer the questions, the methods we use and how to go about practising.


How to Use Them

While we understand the urge to help the children as they complete the tests, we ask you kindly not to. The purpose of the online system is to assess which skills are being remembered over a long period of time and from week to week. As such, the online tests are our opportunity to find gaps in knowledge. Helping them get through the test in the short term may not mean that the skill is remembered in the long term.

But you can still help! Once they have completed the tests independently, we’ll be in touch with the list of skills that need more practise.


CLIC – The Packs

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